Luisa Luisa Luisa


According to Wikipedia, Off-white is not a pure shade of white but rather a crushed, tinted white. With other words, Evening Cape Luisa is also flattering for the paler ones among us and goes well in combination with other shades of white. Consequently, it qualifies as a great candidate for our new wedding cape!  Our new Evening Collection creates a new silhouette from what we have ever had before. This time, the Cape keeps itself in the background rather than adding volume, thus not taking away attention from the dress we wear underneath but rather highlighting it. And the British worsted wool feels wonderfully light to wear, making it a floaty and airy accessory. 

By the way the name giver Luisa Casati was famous for giving legendary costume parties in the last century and is said to be the most frequently painted woman in all of Italy.

€ 180



100%Worsted Wool

200cm x 75cm

Made in Germany