Ochre brown is a gorgeous colour. Warm and bright, one could almost think it contains a touch of gold. Evening Cape Alva swirls elegantly around the body and feels comfortable on the skin. It is wonderfully handy, whether you just pull it over your head or throw it over your shoulders by its ends-it will stay put no matter what. And one thing is for sure; it will make you stand out of the crowd! This cape is one of those pieces that appear very luxurious while being incredibly simple in its design. Something, we feel a little bit proud of.

And just so you know, Alva Vanderbilt did not only throw the most exciting parties during New York’s Belle Époque, but she also gained fame as one of the leading feminists in the US suffragette movement. So, let’s cheers to (alleged) contrast!

€ 180


Ochre Brown

100%Worsted Wool

200cm x 75cm

Made in Germany