Minikaftan Deià Minikaftan Deià Minikaftan Deià
Minikaftan Deià

Mini Caftan Deià

For every generous lover of caftans, who is also a mother, grandmother, aunt or friend of a small girl between 3 and 6 years, we have mini caftan Deiá! The great thing is that it grows with its wearer and can later be used as a fabulous tunic blouse. No matter if small or big, checked gingham patterns just look great. Thanks to the beautiful, easily washable cotton quality, this caftan will forgive its small wearer dropping strawberry cake all over it (which, by the way, is also true for its grown-up version caftan Deià). 

€ 65


Black-White big & small checks

100% Cotton

65cm length

Made in the EU