With OBJECTS we are launching a highly personal addition to the
world of das cape mädchen: a collection of special pieces and rare beauties
from ceramics through cushions right up to jewellery and antiques - all of
them objects we lovingly gathered and with which we love to surround
ourselves, too. Can we infect you with our enthusiasm?

Favorites & One-of-a-kinds

Fascinating objects that tell a story. Some of them we discovered while
traveling, some were right in front of our door, some are individual pieces,
some we have manufactured in small editions. All of them complement what
shapes us, inspires us and gives us pleasure. This will be especially new to
those among you, who haven't had the chance yet to visit our Berlin
showroom. This is where all the images were taken, by the way. And little by
little we will add more and more objects - it's worth taking a look!

One-sized classics with a twist. Four caftan dresses, black and olive green,
which are a pure
 bliss to wear, you will want to spend all summer in them

see the Caftan Collection

Black & White

Black & White

Olive green & White

Olive green & White