We admit we have been dreaming a long time about THE perfect summer outfit. One that survives all adventures, stays in place, always fits in our overloaded suitcase, and that we can’t imagine being without once we put in on. An outfit that brings us delight! Here, a cool lady-like variation of 'dolce far niente' meets the strictness of checked gingham pattern, casual volume with strict cut. Like Palazzo Set Amalfi does.

Cape Coco Mini Rouge


Coco Mini Rouge has the nimbus of your favorite lipstick: all you have to do is drape it over your shoulders - and you are dressed! Everything else is put into background modus, because now mimosa, fuchsia, lavender and shades of metallic are taking over. Soft, smooth and fitting into every bag make this the perfect companion that will survive any trip, crinkle- and wrinkle-free.

The Studio cape collection

Get your blue jeans out, pair them with some brown boots, e voilá! Simplicity at its best. Isn’t it always effortless elegance what we are all striving for? And exactly that is the handling of our Studio Cape collection: simply drape it over, and your hands are free while your torso is cosy and warm. And the pleats will all automatically fall into the perfect position, we promise!

Our bestselling piece