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Our last photo shooting took place in the beautiful artist studio of a friend in Berlin-Kreuzberg - we will tell you more in March. This much can be revealed now: das cape mädchen is breaking completely new ground. For the first time we are preparing a collection for spring/summer'18 to make sure that we can accompany you through the hot days, too. It won't take long!
If you want to gather some impressions meanwhile and want to see what's going on in the showroom, please head over to our Instagram page.

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The cape embodies beautiful simplicity. It is a one-size piece that fits every woman and an accessory of unlimited options. A cape is always both: it can make for a casual or a dramatic appearance, it can protect you or you can cuddle up in it, it is a very intimate piece but might also be the last layer of your outfit. It is timeless. We like to look at it as a blank canvas waiting for every cape mädchen's own personality to take over.

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