The cape is a blank canvas
waiting for every cape mädchen's own
personality to take over.

#womenofdcm - Women of das cape mädchen




The cape embodies beautiful simplicity. It is a one-size piece that fits every woman and an accessory of unlimited options. A cape is always both: it can make for a casual or a dramatic appearance, it can protect you or you can cuddle up in it, it is a very intimate piece but might also be the last layer of your outfit. It is timeless. We like to look at it as a blank canvas waiting for every cape mädchen's own personality to take over.




While working on surprises for Spring/Summer'18 we don't want to miss the chance to let the previous season pass in review and share our most beloved articles of das cape mädchen in last year's press with you! Among them: charming brand portraits in Material Magazine, Cee Cee Berlin and Frankfurter Allgemeine Wochenzeitung, Capes embedded in beautiful collages by Emotion, Petra or Madame and cool articles on Vogue online, Glamour & Co. The print capes, our first capsule collection launched in May, were selected as L'Officiel's favorite of the week and were to find in a fantastic series of photos in Indie Magazine. Enjoy!See best of 2017



Donata does more than pose for us in full glory in our current photo series, she also manages to find time for her fashion- and design management studies besides her successful modelling career. Lucky for us she lives in Berlin and can drop in for fittings in between lectures. On top of that she is unpretentious and the first one to roll up her sleeves and help at shootings- what can we say, a classic countryside child. We have been eyeing her for a long time now, have been in touch back and forth and are very happy that she is now officially a cape mädchen!

Donata's Cape

Dallas with its two gentle
beige-tones is Donata’s allrounder -
it always goes with everything! And looks
sublime on her, just take a look here.