The Coco Capes are back! Already a beloved part of the cape mädchen family a few years ago, Rouge, Bleue and Noire now come in two looks: the classic cape, but also a shorter poncho version. What kind of Coco girl are you?

The Coco collection

To many, the Coco Capes are the incarnation of French Chic: Rock 'n' Roll x Madame. Not only does a Coco go with pretty much everything, but being the sparkling statement piece that it is, it adds a certain je ne sais quoi to virtually any outfit, even paired with a simple jeans and t-shirt.Which other cosy accessory will keep you warm and looking fantastic all at once?

The caftans

Checks in olive-green and white- just the sound oft hat remind us of tanned skin, feet in the water and hedonism. But this caftan dress let’s you have a great appearance throughout the year, a true all-season favourite. The fabulously light cotton quality could tempt you to never take this dress off anyway...once a classic, always a classic. That’s why we go a bit further with Olympia and insert some more little checked gingham patterns on the sides and in the facing of the textile. A small but nice breach of style!

Fuchsia, Mimose, Lavender & Metallic

In case you are dreaming of Paris tonight, chances are at least 96% that you will be draped in Cape Coco Rouge while doing so. The yarn colours of fuchsia, mimosa, lavender & co. just invite one to dream away, Mademoiselle, n'est-ce pas? It is incontestable, that this wonderfully soft cape works as a true showstopper, and one that you can take out effortlessly to any occasion. Très chic and comfortable- you will find yourself reaching for it much more often than you can imagine now!

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