Our four new capes radiate at least as much grandezza as their French name saints- Jeanne, Fanny, Isabelle and Catherine. The lambswool is featured in a cool, elegant light-blue hue, as well as in a bold red-pink combination that reminds us of a beautiful ice cream bowl or it bravely stands up for a stylish pink. And we do not have to tell you hat grey-in-grey is a class of its own in terms of elegance. Let’s go have fun with the colours of spring made in Italy!
And by the way, you do know which film icons we mean, don’t you?

The new capes

The brooches interact with the cape, while staying at the back of the stage at the same time. They are austere and yet casual. The elegant simplicity of the circular shape leaves it up to you how you want to wear or style it.

The Circles are available in palm-size or in a smaller size.

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