das cape mädchen

The story of das cape mädchen started 6 years ago during a trip through Italy. That was the place where Josephine Gaede discovered a beautiful, yellow-grey Cape and instantly fell in love with its soft texture from lambswool. Though her mother has always had a Cape in her wardrobe, this fashion item had, for mysterious reasons, disappeared from the eyes of the fashion world.

Step by step, Josephine discovered the inexhaustible range of possibilities for styling the cape, and she became sure: it must be possible, besides studying law at university, to enrich this world with das cape mädchen. The name was born and so was the mission. Until the first bar examination in 2013, das cape mädchen was a side project and required the united support of Josephine’s family and friends; helping with postage, modelling and everything else.

At the same time, the range of cape models grew, and the press and retail industry became curious. Since three years, Josephine Gaede is able to fully concentrate on das cape mädchen, and to gather inspiration from trips to Milan, Istanbul, Amsterdam and her adopted home city Berlin. In autumn 2015, the office moved to Schöneberg and Henriette Runge became part of the team. A circle of lovely regular customers, a growing circle of partly international cape mädchen-fans and great, long-lasting business-relationships make our everyday work here a great experience.
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das cape

The cape is the epitome of the perfect basic accessory. It embodies simplicity in the best way possible; everybody can wear it and incorporate it into their individual style. Wear it casually around your shoulders, wrap it as a big shawl, use it as a maternity accessory or wear it around your waist-you name it. The cape works for the summer time over your freshly tanned arms, or in the winter on top of your warm coat. The cape can be tightly snuggled around your body as well as loose and airy, during the day as a great all-weather companion and in the evening as an elegant cloak. The more often you wear it, the more you will discover its versatility. Most importantly, the cape is very flattering to all body types.

Our capes are reversible, so you can wear them on both sides. Each collection features the cape in one standard size, which makes for great gifts. Our production takes place exclusively within the European Union; the lambswool is from Australia and the Walkloden from Tyrol (where Loden fabric techniques originate). The idea is to create a favourite fashion piece, that will be a loyal companion to the owner in every situation- a way to be effortlessly well-dressed at all times.