Ikat Bowl klein Ikat Bowl klein Ikat Bowl klein
Ikat Bowl klein

Ikat Bowl big

What will make a ready laid, white table stand out immediately? Yes, ikat bowls in orange tones! Use for appetizers such as soups, in the morning for muesli or whatever else you can think of, these large bowls are absolute multitaskers. There are still commonly used in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and all the way in China too. Sometimes they are embellished with a golden collar at the bottom or outside of the bowl. No bowl is quite like the other, and most have small flaws or traces of usage. Diameter ( ca. 15cm) and height (ca. 8cm) can also differ slightly, however stacking the bowls on top of each is easier that way, and it makes for a great look. We recommend hand washing them to maintain shine.

€ 30


Orange tones


From Russia around 1960